Girls Night Out Free Flirty Dance Lesson – The Groove Walk

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Nightclub Dance Series: Girls Night Out builds on Sexy Moves For The Club to teach you today’s hottest dance moves. You’ll learn how to dance like a pro to showoff when you’re out partying with your girls in this more difficult, higher energy volume!

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31 thoughts on “Girls Night Out Free Flirty Dance Lesson – The Groove Walk

  1. Wow, I seriously love the middle dancer. There's something very graceful, natural and inherently sensuous about her movements. Wish I could freaken dance like that!!

  2. @Nihilanthe saying not everyone can dance is a lie. dancing is the foundation of human life. it is used in ceromonies, mating rituals, everything dancing is natural. anyone how says they can't dance is kidding themselves.

  3. it's very nice everyone's who's showing off in here, saying that they can dance because they can feel the beat and all that shit…

    but not everyone is born dancers. The way you express yourself by dancing will not be the same for everyone. It can be either really good or stiff and awkward and just plain bad

    If you've never practiced before going in a club and pretend you're an excellent dancer, I'm about 95% sure you're not

  4. OMG!! the whole thing is to learn the body rolling first!! its very hard!! i move like an alien!! i wonder how many yrs have they been learning body rolling that enable them to roll their body like tat!!

    its amazing!!!!

  5. Even if the moves dont work out for you & you're not getting in the groove, it's still a great work out. Look at their killer bodies, why would you not stick to it just to have their legs.

  6. Beautiful girly dance, I don't believe there is only 32 views at the time I am writing this comments, hi lady, where can I buy this DVD, I want to buy it for my wife as a Christmas gift

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