Girls Night Out Rehearsal – Practicing For Out Hit Video

This is the rehearsal for a new volume in the Nightclub Dance Series, Girls Night Out.

This video will teach girls how to get wild and crazy and have more fun while dancing.

For the nights you just want to forget about the guys and have a ton of fun with your friends, you’ll get Girls Night Out. In this “for the girls” dvd, you’ll discover more advanced, super fun moves to go out and do with your friends. These moves are slightly more complicated, but once you get them down and get your friends involved, you’ll love how much fun you’re having.

Get in a circle and impress your friends with these fun and funky dance moves perfect for clubs and bars. These moves are so much easier than they look and your friends will be wondering if you’ve secretly been taking dance lessons for years!

The new DVD is available now! Buy it at

28 thoughts on “Girls Night Out Rehearsal – Practicing For Out Hit Video

  1. Everyone's blessed with a talent. Mine was a pop/ r&b singing voice. I'm proud of it and everything, but looking at videos like this, it makes me really wish I was blessed with dancing.

  2. im thinking these are the moves that "dancers" do at the club, not normal day ppl.she is or was a back up dancer for many singers. and so the moves they do are more choreographed . Regular ppl at the clubs more slutty lol.. doin the normal body roll and booty poppin ha! not really this good.. these moves how ever are good if you are hired to dance at these clubs as a gogo dancer =P

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