How to Fix “Failed” Error Message When Uploading an Video to Instagram

I usually don’t upload videos to Instagram, and for the first time I decided to upload an video, I encountered a problem right away. I got this “Failed” message when I tried to upload the video. Even clicking on the “Re-upload” button did not work! But I eventually got it fixed and I hope this video will help you as well.

Here is how to fix the problem.

Before you upload an video, Instagram allows you to adjust the position of the video. The reason, that I am assuming, that the video is failing is it is trying to upload the original video. So after your upload has failed, go back to your library and you should find a new video, created by Instagram. Try to upload that one and it should fix the problem.

Instruction at a Glance
1. Go back to the Library
2. Upload the latest video (the one created by Instagram), not the original video!

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[ Video Information ]
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Video Editing: Camtasia Studio
Voice over recorder: Blue Yeti Microphone

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20 thoughts on “How to Fix “Failed” Error Message When Uploading an Video to Instagram

  1. If you are still having trouble, please let me know the following information and I will test to see if I can recreate the problem:
    1) What type of phone are you using? iPhone/Android?
    2) Are you uploading a video shot from your phone?
    3) Do you see a video created by Instagram when it failed?

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