Indian PSLV Suffers Payload Fairing Failure During 41st Launch

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched their Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) with the IRNSS-1H navigation satellite at 13:29 UTC, August 31st 2017. Shortly into the flight the payload fairing failed to separate, the resultant extra weight on the rocket resulted in a lower than expected orbit, and of course a useless satellite stuck within it’s payload fairing.

This marks the first failure for PSLV since 1997.

33 thoughts on “Indian PSLV Suffers Payload Fairing Failure During 41st Launch

  1. This is the problem with reservations in India. ISRO and DRDO recruits scientists who even don't know ABCD's. How rockets fly with these fucking reservation batch scientists😂😂. rest in peace isro.

  2. At the end the flight director announces the the 'heat sheild' failed to separate (WTF!). This is a navigation satellite; no heat shield. I am sure he meant PAYLOAD FAIRING. The question is why the heck did they not know it failed to separate at the point in time when it was supposed to separate? No telemetry? Do not put YOUR satellite on this ride!

  3. Why is there a soldier CARRYING A GUN on the floor of the launch control center? (check video at 35:25) He is carrying an automatic at that. Aren't the personnel in the launch control center cleared? How can they have a space program when you trust your people so little that you need heavily armed guard INSIDE the place?

  4. ISRO did hundreds of missions like this. The rocket has never failed after first two launches… This feels really weird… Why there has to be problems with only this particular navigational system?!!!… This was a replacement satellite because the first satellite's 3 atomic clocks suffered failure, like all three of'em went down?!!… And now ISRO have to use another replacement satellite…

  5. koi nai… it happens… i love the way it lifted off… no problem with the launch of the workhorse… even sometimes we walk we get stumbled… it happens … you make our collar stand always.

  6. Failure to separate fairings is one of the most frustrating things to see. The high power spinning and burning bit, the things that can go BANG, they all worked. Congratulations on that. Fairings that won't drop off, solar panels that won't deploy, radios that won't respond, it's tragic when these things bring a mission down, but it happens.

  7. 精工出细活啊,阿三们不要为了攀比就一味地的求速度,航天是个非常精密的东西,一定要严格把关不要马马虎虎的就为了超过某国啥的,下次加油

  8. My small help to ISRO in analyze what went wrong, as they are taking too much of time to know the reason for the failure.

    This is my analysis, may be I am correct or wrong.


    A. According to me, below are things that may be ISRO personal reasons for failure:

    1. ISRO (some blacksheep in the institution) looks like selfish when it comes to set an example for space research in country, looks like they want to be solo leader, hence they knowingly made this failure.

    2. Our private space reach is still in snail phase towards success, they need to work more smartly and strong.

    3. ISRO (some blacksheep in the institution) does not have an good relations ship with other third party privates research space agencies (may be ego), hence due to which people wanted it to fail.

    4. There was not enough time to validate all the resources before lift-off, without verifying critical thing they went on with liftoff.

    5. Domination came into effect, while working with third part suppliers, hence one of the blacksheep inside ISRO/would have done this.

    6. Few people in ISRO are targeting self goals and not overall success of the project, this may be applicable to third party vender.

     B. Some Technical Reasons:

    1. May be the section pressure was not enough for ejecting the outer cover of heat shield, and also the vacuum created inside may be higher then the eject boosters.

    2. ISRO and the Third Party Agency guy who was responsible to test was duped by the system and passed the testing.

    3. There may be many other reasons, which ISRO/Third party agency need to look into.

    C. Some Global Reasons:

    1. May be China would have hacked into the ISRO system and bypass the separation system. (Also may be US/ESA etc could have done.).

     D. Some Extra terrestrial Reasons:

    1. Like Chines theory for the failure of their last space launch may be because of extra terrestrial reasons. So now these extra terrestrial have changes their attention towards ISRO.

  9. Let's take it this way!
    Let this satellite remain heatshielded in orbit and ISRO now should have aim to bring this parcel from orbit by using "Reusable Launch Vehicle—Technology Demonstration" by using robotic ARM and bring it back to earth to relauch it to insert in desired apogee and perigee.

    Make this entire maneuver on symobic day such as world science day or world space day.

    Give message to the world that Failure can be transformed in mammoth success in style. 🙂

    Lets rock.

  10. <3 ISRO , Every space organisation has had failure and will in the future too. We understand how complicated rocket science is and ISRO has been remarkable despite these minor setbacks …

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