16 thoughts on “London – Amazing street singer covers ‘Stay with me’ by Sam Smith

  1. I love this mans voice… I hear him every week outside M&S Oxford Street..I put a video up on my channel if you want to hear him singing something else.. Why hasn't anyone signed him up already!? Thanks for uploading!

  2. Omg jana I saw this guy on New Year's Eve ! He made my day ! I was in Hyde park in the winter wonderland and in McDonalds with my cousin and after we finished we walked past Oxford street and I saw him and we stayed there for a long time ! It was heartbreaking ! He's far more talented then a few artists I know .

  3. This guy is amazing. I've been looking for his No Woman No Cry. Me n my Mrs Bumped into him the day after we got married on May 3rd and sang No woman no Cry and Ed Sheeran We Found Love. Incredible!

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