48 thoughts on “Tim Allen reacts to liberal Hollywood’s anti-Trump crusade

  1. Sad how his show got cancelled for his political views but Fuller House can bash Trump twice in 10 minutes in the first episode and it's the greatest thing ever. When that Roseanne reboot happens, I hope she ROASTS liberals.

  2. I am an Anarcho Leftist. I believe that people are animals and should free themselves from Ideological brainwashing; worship of materialism and worship of the self. These are all ideological constructs aimed at controlling our minds for the benefit of the few that made society the way it is. Collective hell of exploitation and minimum wage slavery.

  3. Tim Allen used to have a joke about his ferrari breaking down on the side of the road…joe rogan had to pull him aside and tell him not to say shit like that since no one can relate to owning a fucking ferrari! i still love tim allen tho

  4. You know your joke is good when the camera man is laughing. He isnt there to laugh. He isnt payed for that. He is genuinly unable to contain his laughter. The camera man is the common man. Good job allan.

  5. Dudes… Tim is pretty much what i remember when i think about the TV i watched as a kid. Home improvement was on alot and i watched it all the time.
    Breaks my heart a little to see my childhood hero getting treated like this.

    I hate Trump but for the love of god. Tim has every right to say what ever he wants regarding politics.
    You dont have the right to take that away from him by targeting his job.

    Fuck Trump.
    Fuck Hillary.
    Fuck America.
    You missed out on Bernie. He could have saved you.

  6. Hmm, I think the "source material" Tim's grabbing for is how Trump thanked his LBGT supporters during the campaign, and promised he would help them, then without even telling his senior military staff of his plan, he tweeted that he's kicking all LBGT forces out of our armed forces. I think Tim just didn't try watching tv or read a newspaper while he was doing his "huuuuh?" moment trying to find the source material. Sterling performer, glad he got to put his drug dealer days behind him, and his fame certainly helped his DUI arrests.

  7. Tim you are a pussy, total scared little bitch afraid to say it as you want all in the name of Hollywood.

    Glad you are not a total anti-Trump person but my God dude you obviously side with him and you down play it to appease the left.

    Never appease the left or the right or any in between go with your true heart, your gut and what you believe not what they believe that will fail you as it has been failing us Americans for many decades now, we need to end this and end this now.

  8. Oh look! A conservative celebrity! Right wingers hate them Hollywood elites though. So I'm sure the comment section is filled with angry responses… LOL! Goddamn hypocrites.

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