WATCH: Spur releases CCTV footage of altercation

This video, supplied to News24, shows a man physically threatening a woman in front of his and her children at a Spur restaurant. The incident sparked nation-wide outrage.

Spur restaurants nationwide banned the man from their eateries after an apparent scuffle between children in the play area of the Texamo Spur at the Glen Shopping Centre, south of Johannesburg led to a confrontation between the parents.

The man is heard telling the woman that her daughter had hit his son on the head, which he apparently witnessed through the window of the play area.

Cellphone footage of the incident went viral on social media on Tuesday. Spur released the CCTV footage to News24 on Thursday morning.

44 thoughts on “WATCH: Spur releases CCTV footage of altercation

  1. Why did the fathers kid not get trauma counseling for the racist attack by a black kid on him. Why is that not seen as racist. Why did spur not apologise to him and sort out incident before it let to this scene. They should have protected his kid as well. Or did he have no rights because he is white in Spurs eyes. So he got banned and not the initial culprit who started incident. Oh and the news reposts kids fight normally so that to them was fine. NO its not. Its not normal for kids to beat up stranger kids. And its acceptable. Its not at all. That is what started this incident. Parents will die to protect their kids. This guys kid was just attacked and injured. But its overlooked. Why? Spur can lift their saction on this guy. We are still boycotting them even in other provinces. Their mentallity was made clear in this incident.

  2. This is how the media works, shows you only the part that sells not the whole truth. Well done news24 getting those ratings up at the expense of a innocent little girl.

  3. Geez ppl our president is raping woman, fucking all of us over with the gupta's and your fighting about a father who got upset when his child got hit by another child and the mother did nothing so he took the child by the arm away from his child (ie stopping a fight) and getting upset with her because she did not say anything to her child like say sorry etc. My child not knocked over at a spur by a kid on those little black push bikes by another kid, this kid went and got his mom and took her to my child which they escorted back to where i was sitting and the little boy said sorry for knocking him as it was an accident and if it was not his mom would make him apologise that is what good parents do. LOVE YOU ALL 🙂

  4. Love how the people in the comments are going on about how cowardly this man is yet here you are sitting in a comment section of a video talking shit about him where he can't get to you… I'm not supporting him btw if that was unclear, just wanted to point out some irony

  5. Now its clear to me why she calls HIM a big bully. Grabbing another persons child like that is wrong. He has the right to be upset about what happened to his child but in dealing with the matter he should've known better than to react in this manner because he is an adult. Just tell the parent make him or her aware of their child's misbehavior and move on its then up to that parent to choose how to reprimand their child not you.

  6. you all are going on about the guy was wrong, but have you thought of it this way, if the woman just apologized for her childs actions there wouldn't have been a fight now think again who were actually wrong and all of a sudden shes an attack victim ,,se poes , it her fault the fight started because she was to hardegat to admit she was wrong and her child ,, apparently the child went into a trauma or something which I think is bullshit the child is like 4 how would he know whats going on,, plz save that bullshit for someone else and that interview video is bullshit she's talking kak and is lying how can someone lie like that people make me sick and its funny how some of you dont realise that there wouldn't have been a fight if she just said sorry in the first place and this is not the full video where's the part before this #giveustherestofthefootage

  7. bunch of monkeys. lol. It's all propaganda either way. Black or white… does not matter. People were provoked and because it is now between a white person and a black person now its racist. Not once did the white guy use racist remarks. Not the same can be said of the black woman.

  8. Wow News24 😂 😂 😂 Fire whoever wrote the description… Damn do they even know what the real story was about? "Her daughter hit his son", yeah well done on the coverage… 😂 😂 😂

  9. my question is why doesnt they show the footage before this as well, this footage doesnt display the whole story, typical onlt show the footage that causes issues..

  10. Forceful? That's fuckall, do you even know how to teach your children manners? (No, you don't even have manners) You force them to apologise and feel resent for what they have done – if you as a parent allow your child to intimidate and injure others you should not be a fucking parent. The man did allow himself to become more agitated and physical than was necessary, but that's just the clear difference between a shitty parent (right) and a good parent (left) coming to light.

    You call yourself a woman? Bitch what? 😂

  11. This is an unfortunate event (almost like when your steph brother when the occasion presents its self bangs your girlfriends mother) although they're not quite the same in contrast to one another – their not easy to comment on, both are difficult to look at, no one knows where the motivation behind it all comes from and in short this sort of thing should never have happend in the first place.

  12. I'm not saying that what this man did was right, I'm not saying it was wrong. If some kid Black or White, attacked my sister or family, I would've had a problem with that. In this case the woman in the video also didn't behave her self well, and she tried to make this man mad. It's times like these that we need to see the whole video not just what they want us to see

  13. I am also not impressed that SPUR only show what they want to show. Secondly, to grab a kid by the arm is not an offence neather is it wrong, over sensative people is only using that as a decoy from "why" He did it. No father will stand by and let a boy hit His daugter against the head, that in it self is assault and is very wrong. this is NOT a race issue, it is a father protecting his child against a bully, only racist people will bring racism into this story, because they dont know how to react in a propper manner.

  14. both parties are in the wrong……. and SPUR food quality is realy not what it use to be….use old oil for onion rings, the meat is pale and chips glasy.. Regardless of the type of people that eat at spur . I WONT EAT AT SPUR

  15. Now everyone wants playground footage. Does it matter? This man lost all credibility when he threatened and put his hand on the child. This man has a history of violence against woman yet white women up in here defending this guy.

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